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Meet Tor and Sara, members of THREE60 Energy Geo-Operations team

THREE60 Energy Group | May 9th, 2023

We spoke to members of our Geo-Operations team in Norway to find out more about what it’s like to be part of the team. Tor Ellingsen, an experienced geologist, was promoted to an Operations & Lead Wellsite Geologist in August 2022. Sara Kverme joined THREE60 Energy as a Trainee Geologist in early 2022….

Q: Tell us about your career background and what brought you to THREE60 Energy?

A. Tor told us, “After finishing my Master’s degree in Petroleum Geology in June 2017, I started working in Explocrowd doing seismic interpretation before I got my first offshore job at HRH Geology.”

That’s where Tor met our Norway Subsurface Manager, Ole Jacob, and the pair later joined THREE60 Energy.

Sara’s journey to THREE60 Energy also involved a chance encounter with Ole, who she met whilst completing her degree.

“After completing my Master’s degree in Geology in June 2021 I secured a temporary position in a project called EPOS at the University of Bergen. During this time, I kept in touch with THREE60’s Norway Subsurface Manager and was ultimately offered a position as a Trainee Geologist by the Subsurface Manager and started working for THREE60 Energy in February 2022.”

Tor Ellingsen

Q: What are you currently working on and what does a typical day look like for you?

A. Sara’s current role involves working on behalf of a client as a Wellsite Geologist, with various opportunities to go on training trips with other operating companies. “When I’m offshore, a typical day involves meeting with the client to keep them up to date with what’s happening in the drilling operation, collection and interpretation of geological samples, gas and petrophysical data to make a graphical log of what we’ve drilled through”, she told us.

Tor’s day-to-day client activities vary, from analysing drilled cuttings as a Wellsite Geologist offshore, to remotely geosteering wells onshore. As part of his role with THREE60 Energy, Tor manages our wellsite geologist and geosteering personnel work schedules. “Living in Stavanger means I can be involved in well planning activities for clients, too” Tor told us.

Outside of their roles, both Tor and Sara are part of a group of THREE60 Energy employees who travel to universities across Norway to inspire future careers at the company, arrange social gatherings for young professionals and organise THREE60 Day, an industry event which brings together our stakeholders and connections each year in Norway. 

Sara Kverme

Q: What do you like to do outside of work

A. When Tor and Sara aren’t working, they both enjoy spending time with friends and family and travelling abroad. In particular, Tor enjoys being in nature, where he’s either hunting, spear fishing or hiking. “During the winter season, I like to ski, either cross-country or downhill”, he told us. Outside of work, Sara is also a gymnastics coach!

Q: What’s your favourite aspect of your role?

A. Tor and Sara both enjoy the challenges their roles within the Geo-Operations team provide. “I have the freedom to come up with new ideas, take responsibility and be involved in various projects”, said Sara.

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career in Geo-Operations?

A. Sara always knew she wanted to work in the energy industry. She told us, “it’s most likely influenced by my family and growing up in Sandnes / Stavanger.” On the other hand, Tor began his Geology degree with little knowledge of the operational geology aspect of the energy industry.

“Once I heard about working offshore, it was something I instantly wanted to try out. I found being involved in offshore drilling operations very exciting as it involves multiple disciplines working together in a hectic and dynamic environment.”

“Being able to play an active role on the rig site and get involved in operations appealed to me. Also, I like to have some variety in my work life, swapping between offshore, onshore geosteering on shifts and regular office work.”

Q: Tell us about a memorable moment from your time at THREE60 Energy?

A. One of Tor’s most memorable moments was his first trip offshore as a wellsite geologist. “I enjoyed the challenge of taking on my own shifts from day one and being actively involved in geosteering. Once my role in the operation was complete, I felt very satisfied having accomplished tasks which were new and interesting,”, said Tor.

Before Sara joined the team at THREE60 Energy, she received a bouquet of flowers with a note looking forward to welcoming her to the team. “A small gesture which made such a great impression,” Sara told us.

Q: Doing what’s right for the customer is at the heart of everything we do at THREE60 Energy. How is this demonstrated in your team?

A. “We try to do everything with the operator to meet our shared goals,”, Tor told us.

“We recently carried out a three-week geosteering support for one of our clients. Geologists were brought in all the way from Saudi Arabia to our client in Norway to provide their unique skillset and specific knowledge. In addition, we swapped personnel between geosteering onshore and travelling to the rig site offshore to meet our client’s objective.

“Our team clearly demonstrated flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile to help the operator reach their goal.”

For Sara, it’s all about communication. “You won’t understand what your client needs unless you stay in regular contact with them and build a trusting relationship,”, Sara shared.

But communication with colleagues is just as important for Sara, “various teams meet frequently to swap experiences and feedback. We all try and benefit from each other’s learnings and then pass that on within the business.”

Q: Tell us about a highlight you’ve experienced in the Geo-Operations team?

A. Reflecting on an exciting client project, Tor said, “for one client, we were drilling on three rigs simultaneously. Although I was dedicated to one rig, I got the opportunity to support all three in various ways.

“I was very involved in the various projects, both onshore and offshore, where we set up a dedicated team to support the client’s onshore team within geosteering operations. This laid the foundation of some of THREE60 Energy’s Geo-Operations services that we offer today.”

A highlight for Sara is the social gatherings arranged by our regional Subsurface Managers. “The gatherings consist of amazing pizza, good colleagues, and lots of laughter! It’s also a nice opportunity to get to know our colleagues better.”

Q: What excites you most about working for THREE60 Energy?

A. Both Tor and Sara feel motivated and excited by the chance to develop and grow within their roles at THREE60 Energy. Sara said, “I’m learning something new in Geo-Operations and across other disciplines within the business all the time.”

“Most of all, even though most of my work involves me being embedded into a client, I really feel part of THREE60 Energy team. I frequently work from our office and involve myself in projects and social events outside of my regular work, which just shows how much I enjoy my role and the opportunities it brings,” Tor told us.

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