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THREE60 ENERGY’s commitment to helping its customers reduce emissions, minimise risk and make OPEX savings

THREE60 Energy Group | March 24th, 2021

supporting the energy transition

At THREE60 ENERGY we are committed to playing our part in the energy transition. We are actively applying our extensive engineering and project management capabilities to help our customers reduce their carbon emissions while improving Major Accident Hazard (MAH) risk and increasing operating efficiencies.

In doing so, we can also deliver major cost savings and longer-term asset value. 

We are demonstrating this by delivering the engineering and project management services required to convert a customer’s operating asset to a “Normally Unmanned Installation” (NUI).

Our expert engineering support will allow the customer to operate the asset from one of its nearby facilities.

To achieve NUI status, new operating philosophies were developed, significant hardware, software and control upgrades were implemented, and maintenance regimes were reassessed. 

As a result, the asset operator will be able to reduce the number of people visiting the asset, significantly reduce the logistics requirements associated with transporting resources, supplies and equipment to the asset, and as a direct result the emissions related to these operations will be significantly reduced. 

Furthermore, the reduction in people and activity on the asset will reduce the utility requirements on the facility, which will result in an additional emissions reduction.

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