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THREE60 Energy Group announces unique Well Productivity Service

THREE60 Energy Group | July 20th, 2021

THREE60 Energy Group is pleased to announce the implementation of a Well Productivity Service to provide our clients with a unique and independent technical design and execution support for reservoir drilling and completion fluid activities. This will be integrated with lower completion technology to enhance well productivity or injectivity.

Our well productivity services incorporate all of the vitally important activities in minimising productivity impairment, also including design and operational detail in minimising completion damage. It is well understood that formation damage can lead to lower production rates and reduced revenue, but it is also critical to consider damage potential to the lower completion during the design and execution phase of a well. Poor fluids design and execution can directly contribute to impairing production or injection, and lower completion damage can be equally critical to achieve successful well productivity.

The THREE60 Energy Group Well Productivity Service covers several key activities as follows:

Fluids contracts management

We offer support to operators in the pre-qualification and tender exercise to identify the optimum supplier of fluid services for award of contract. We then provide support with the subsequent management of the service.

Fluids design and testing

Our team is skilled in management of the design and performance testing of drilling and completion fluids at appropriate laboratory facilities, to minimise formation and completion damage.

Lower completion design and installation

Our large pool of completion engineers will ensure the most appropriate selection of lower completion, and its suitability and compatibility towards the formation, reservoir and fluids. Ensuring unhindered flow across the sandface.

Operations support

We provide expert fluid resources, in house or remotely, to monitor daily activities, ensure fluids programmes are in line with design, and the QA/QC is maintained throughout the drilling and completion operations.

Sustainable solutions

Our inhouse HSEQ and Sustainability team advises on the most sustainable chemical and fluids solutions through Life Cycle Impact (LCI) evaluations to minimise environmental impact, both onshore and offshore.

Well analysis and review

Our team of experts conduct fluid programme and performance reviews, both pre and post well, to support the Plan-Execute-Review cycle. We also undertake short study work to examine specific well challenges and advise on solutions.

Wellsite supervision

We provide specialist fluids wellsite supervision to ensure the implementation of fluids programmes as designed, to optimise well productivity in challenging wells.

Our highly experienced team has access to all THREE60 Energy Group’s service lines and solutions, enabling a synergy of support services for our clients.

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