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Reservoir Engineer

Job posting date: 06.02.24
Closing date: 06.03.24
Job Title: Reservoir Engineer
Location: Aberdeen UK
Responsible to: Subsurface Manager
Responsible for:  No direct reports

Job Purpose

Due to ongoing growth and expansion within THREE60 we are currently seeking to employ a Reservoir Engineer, to join our team in Aberdeen UK.

Basic Purpose of Role:

Assess, model, and manage subsurface reservoirs to ensure efficient and optimal recovery of oil and gas resources as well as carbon capture storage. This involves utilizing advanced reservoir engineering techniques, simulation software, and data analysis to make informed decisions that impact production, CO2 storage and ultimately profitability.

Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities

Reservoir Modelling and Simulation:

  1. Develop and maintain reservoir models using specialized software to simulate fluid flow, pressure, and temperature within the reservoir.
  2. Analyse and interpret reservoir simulation results to understand reservoir behaviour and make recommendations for production optimization.
  3. Develop and maintain reservoir models for CO2 injection and storage. Utilize reservoir simulation software to assess the impact of CO2 injection on reservoir dynamics and optimize storage efficiency.

Well Performance Analysis:

  1. Evaluate well performance through the analysis of production data, pressure data, and well tests.
  2. Design and recommend strategies for well interventions, such as stimulation or workovers, to enhance productivity.

Field Development Planning:

  1. Contribute to the development of field development plans by assessing reservoir characteristics and proposing optimal production strategies.
  2. Collaborate with geoscientists, drilling engineers, and production engineers to integrate reservoir engineering considerations into overall field development plans.

Reserves Estimation:

  1. Estimate and report hydrocarbon reserves by applying industry-standard methodologies and guidelines.
  2. Work closely with geologists and geophysicists to incorporate geological uncertainties into reserve assessments.

Data Analysis and Monitoring:

  1. Analyse and interpret production data, pressure data, and other relevant information to monitor reservoir performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

Research and Innovation:

  1. Stay abreast of industry trends, technological advancements, and best practices in reservoir engineering.
  2. Contribute to the development of innovative approaches and technologies for reservoir management.


  1. Provide input for investment decisions and help optimize production strategies to maximize return on investment.
  2. Provide input for decommissioning activity (i.e. input in well P&A planning).

The above is an outline to key duties and accountabilities, rather than an exclusive or exhaustive list of responsibilities. The postholder is expected to undertake any tasks which may reasonably be expected within the scope of the position.


Knowledge & Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering or a related field is essential. [ ◉ ]
  2. Solid understanding of reservoir engineering principles and practices is essential. [ ◉ ]
  3. Proficiency in reservoir simulation software and data analysis tools (Eclipse E300, CMG is essential. [ ◉ ]
  4. Familiarity with regulatory and environmental considerations in reservoir management is essential. [ ◉ ]

Skills & Experience

  1. Demonstratable experience in Oil & Gas sector or CCS is essential. [ ◉ ]
  2. Exposure to CCS project would be preferable. [ ]
  3. Strong experience working in an international group (preferable). [ ]
  4. Effective communication skills to understand client needs, present findings, and provide recommendations in a clear and understandable manner is essential. [ ◉ ]
  5. Ability to write and contribute to proposals for projects, outlining methodologies, timelines, and risk/benefits is essential. [ ◉ ]
  6. Proficient in preparing detailed and comprehensive reports, including technical documents and non-technical summaries is essential. [ ◉ ]
  7. Ability to think critically and solve complex geological problems is essential. [ ◉ ]
  8. Ability to be responsive and open to changing circumstances is essential. [ ◉ ]
  9. Ability to work with challenging timeline is essential. [ ◉ ]
  10. Availability to travel as needed (preferable). [ ]


  1. Essential requirement that must be met before a candidate is appointed unless approved by the Subsurface Manager [ ◉ ]
  2. Desirable requirement. Candidate may be appointed, with discretion, without full achievement of criterion but the indicated competence should be developed.  [ ]

Disclaimer: Please note the list of duties is not exhaustive in any way and may be changed at any time during the contract of employment.

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