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Meet Martin Rylance, Discipline Lead and Distinguished Advisor, Reservoir and Well Enhancement – part one

THREE60 Energy Group | September 23rd, 2021

This month, we are pleased to welcome Martin Rylance to the team, who has joined as THREE60 Energy’s Discipline Lead and Distinguished Advisor focused for Reservoir and Well Enhancement (global fracturing and stimulation practices).

Martin brings an extensive background in the global fracturing and stimulation sector to the role, having accumulated vast experience and achievements during his long tenure at bp. In recognition of those, he was recently awarded the SPE Completions Optimization and Technology Award at ATCE 2021.

We caught up with Martin to find out more about why he is passionate about his work, and his focuses at THREE60 Energy.

Q: What attracted you to this role at THREE60 Energy?

A: That’s simple – THREE60 Energy is unique. I’ve watched the company evolve over the years, and I’ve always admired the culture it encourages and has managed to create and sustain.

The customer’s integrated solution is always at the centre of every project, across all service lines, and at THREE60 Energy there is an ethos and dedication from everyone to deliver a continuously highest standard of service.

I’m very much a team player. I enjoy educating and training the next generation of engineers for this crucial time in the energy industry. One of my greatest strengths is building teams. Understanding the dynamics involved in what makes a great team is a skill I’ve managed to develop over the years, I see it as a jigsaw puzzle – I can see pieces that fit together, and those that might need to be rejigged/assisted.

THREE60 Energy is the perfect fit as it offers the opportunity to develop a team that resolves complex and varied problems for our customers, so really it was a no brainer to join.

Q: How do you think your vast industry knowledge will assist THREE60 Energy?

A: Collaboration within the energy industry is now more important than ever.

I’ve been involved in a large swathe of industry bodies and organisations over the years, and was fortunate to win the SPE Completions Optimization and Technology Award at ATCE this year, which meant a great deal to me and the teams that I have been a part of. One never achieves these accolades alone, it’s always a wider team effort, but receiving recognition from my peers is always an incredible feeling.

My affiliation with bodies such as SPE, ARMA, ASME, IADC, IMA and so on, will support my role at THREE60 Energy, as it provides access to a global platform of knowledge sharing, unique insights and networking.

This industry is all about the acquisition and sharing of knowledge, and I fully intend to share as much of my experience and network as much as I can, in as many forms as possible.

Q: What personal attributes do you think you will call on in your role?

A: My passion is problem solving. My philosophy has always been to teach, train and give solutions. Teaching a customer how to solve a problem is rewarding for all parties involved. By working collaboratively with customers, the relationship being carefully nurtured means that, more often than not, when another issue comes to the surface, the rapport and trust that has been built up from the sharing of knowledge will be key in developing future business with the same customers.

There’s always an opportunity to learn new things, and I believe that my new colleagues share this mantra. You may know 90% of the tricks, and the person you’re sat next to may only know 70% – but there’s a chance that the 70% they know doesn’t overlap entirely with your 90% – there’s always room for new thinking and solutions!

Q: How do you see the energy transition playing out for those already established in the industry?

A: The energy industry is so adaptable, and we’re already seeing operators like bp move towards cleaner sources of energy, which will trickle down the supply chain and create a holistic approach to the transition.

It’s vital we retain the combined experience and knowledge built up in the global oil and gas industry and repurpose these skills in the renewables sector. Recent[1] research states that over 80% of energy jobs by 2050 are expected to be in renewables, so these transferable skills are going to be key to unlocking the potential for this market.

During my career, I’ve worked with many rising stars in the energy sector – Bernard Looney at bp among them who is celebrating his 30th year with the major operator this year. The energy sector is constantly evolving, and it continues to offer many opportunities for talented people to support the future energy mix.

You can learn more about THREE60 Energy’s service lines here.

If you’re interested in hearing more insights from Martin, be sure to sign up for SPE Stavanger’s event on 5th October 2021, where he will be delivering a presentation on The ‘Fracts’ of Life – which will aim to outline, impart and share the recurring major issues that can directly impact the potential success of hydraulic fracturing operations on the global stage.


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