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Industry Insights: Decommissioning for the Future

THREE60 Energy Group | May 5th, 2022

Decommissioning is a pivotal step in the energy life cycle. As the industry evolves into new energy opportunities, it is important that decommissioning activities are executed in a safe, environmentally sound and cost-effective manner.

There is a real opportunity for the energy supply chain to influence how late-life assets are managed, and how the future of decommissioning shapes the energy mix as we move into the next era of energy production and storage.

It is estimated that around one million tonnes of topsides from the North Sea region will be coming onshore over the next decade, presenting a significant pipeline of opportunity for the supply chain to drive down total cost for the basin.

THREE60 Energy’s International Expertise

THREE60 Energy is proud to be part of Scotland’s energy services supply chain. We have teams across the globe, leveraging decades of skills and knowledge, delivering a variety of decommissioning projects in strategic regions.

From plugging and abandonment studies, ultra-late life operations through warm and cold stacking, to removal, dismantling and monitoring. Our range of proprietary digital technologies and specialist energy transition skills help our clients succeed, in the UK and Internationally, against a net zero backdrop.

The Time is Now

The OEUK Decommissioning Insight Report 2021 stated £16.6 billion was set to be spent on decommissioning – an increase from £15.1 billion the previous year. Investment and drive from the industry has ensured decommissioning projects have remained resilient throughout the pandemic.

THREE60 Energy CEO Walter Thain chairs the OEUK Decommissioning Steering Group. He comments: “As part of the OEUK steering group, our focus is to maximise economic recovery of North Sea resources while also incorporating low-carbon considerations and technology – to make sure decommissioning is aligned to the energy transition.

“THREE60 Energy’s ability to export and import skills to support late life management, decommissioning planning and execution around the world has positioned us well for growth and investment.”

The horizon is full of decommissioning projects, keeping these skills and experience at the top of the energy agenda. To learn how THREE60 Energy can work with you, email or visit to find out more.


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